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What is Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition coaching?

For Sherlock TruHealth, it is not only about weight loss, although for some chronic illnesses, losing weight is definitely helpful.  The focus is long-term health through lifestyle, and preventing or lowering risk for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, and others. The focus is also on treating the causes of conditions, rather than just the symptoms. The weight loss comes when the focus is long-term health. This includes lowering your risk of chronic disease, even if you have a family history of these diseases.


My work with people involves listening to your health concerns, helping you understand how much control you have over your health, and teaching the importance of nutrition and other lifestyle factors to maintain or regain optimal health. I will help you create individualized plans to assist with making permanent changes in order to become healthier, more energetic, stronger, and yes, slimmer. It’s about not just surviving, but thriving now and as you age. Everyone wants to live a life that is free of physical and mental illness for as long as possible. Being on multiple medications and getting dementia are not normal symptoms of aging. The way we live makes a huge difference.

Because I believe that improving diet is the easiest, fastest, most cost-efficient way of improving health without negative side effects, my health coaching focus is on a healthy way of eating, primarily moving toward a more plant-based diet and limiting animal products. How far you take this is up to you. Although there are many ideas about diet, I believe the body of research strongly supports that the more toward a whole foods plant-based the diet you move, the healthier and more successful the health outcomes. Having said that, health coaching should always include all factors of health, including exercise/activity, stress management, good sleep, low alcohol intake and tobacco cessation.

We will set goals together that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound, but you are in control. Incremental improvements, even small ones, provide further motivation and movement in the right direction if they are made long-term. Please know that Sherlock TruHealth does not sell any type of prepackaged meals or supplements of any kind. 


You May Want a Whole Food Plant-based Nutrition oach if….

  • You have just been diagnosed with a chronic disease

  • You have recently lost a friend or loved one to chronic disease

  • You want to get off medications as much as possible

  • You’ve seen the success stories of others, and are ready to make changes yourself

  • You have a strong desire to remain vital, productive and active into old age

  • You do not feel healthy, and realize your lifestyle needs work

  • You feel overwhelmed about making changes, choosing those changes, learning about the best things to do, or planning how to make progress

  • You have tried many things and feel you’ve failed again and again

  • You lack energy or feel sluggish most of the time

  • You do know about the changes you wish to make, but need support and guidance

  • You want to be accountable to someone, in order to stay on track

  • You desire a non-judgmental, friendly, encouraging and trained person to listen and guide you to make permanent changes at a pace you are comfortable with, which will vary from person to person

  • You want to look great—hair, skin, weight

  • You need more time to discuss diet and lifestyle than your doctor is able to provide at office visits

​Expectations of Sherlock TruHealth plant-based nutrition coaching ​

  • Fun, supportive sessions with a passionate, caring, person with training in Lifestyle Medicine. See “About Melissa.”  

  • Education on how to choose, shop for, and prepare the most nutrient-dense foods to empower weight loss and ramp up nutrition in order to prevent, treat and possibly reverse chronic disease 

  • Opportunities for other activities such as optional grocery store shopping tours, cooking and nutrition classes, healthy potlucks, retreats, and ideas for exercise. 

  • Meetings in person, phone, FaceTime, Zoom at times convenient to you, and at intervals you desire  

  • No judgment, and no expectations of perfection.

My strongest desire is for each person to feel empowered, exhilarated, strong and looking forward to a healthy, long life.



I am not a physician and you should plan to also work with your physician for monitoring. Any nutritional info presented is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional regarding a medical condition.

It is important to caveat whole food plant-based nutrition coaching by saying that the person seeking services must be ready and willing to implement changes. As much as I can listen, encourage, teach, plan and track progress for you, I am not able to make the changes for you. Only you can take the necessary steps in your life with the decisions you make every day. I can motivate, but not impart motivation to you. We can talk to try to overcome your doubts, but simply paying for coaching sessions will not remove them; only self-motivation, determination and self-awareness will. I can give suggestions but not make you follow them. I cannot guarantee results because they are up to you. It is your journey, but if it is helpful to you, I would love the chance to walk some of it with you. The most important thing I can do is to empower you so you eventually feel you no longer need my guidance. 


Getting Started  

My coaching begins with a free consultation to determine if whole food plant-based nutrition coaching with me is right for you. Next is a 60-minute assessment where I can learn more about you, your health history, your reasons for seeking health coaching services, and your goals. See the Contacts page for more information if now is the time for you to get started.

Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching Services Offered: 

Transitioning to a Plant-based Diet. In person, by phone or FaceTime

Personal Cooking Lessons in my home 

Grocery Store Tours and Label Reading

Exploratory 15-min chat: free 


Monthly coaching (3 month minimum): 

$125/mo, or $375 for 3 months, paid in advance 

$700 for 6 months paid in advance

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