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Public Speaking Opportunities

I am available for corporate Lunch & Learns, support group meetings, healthy luncheons, garden club meetings, healthy ministries, or for any group exploring the topic of healthy eating, or importance of lifestyle behaviors to overall health

Topics I can cover are: 

  • Food for Life: The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet.  This is the most frequent class/talk I give and can be tailored from 30 to 90 minutes. It covers the state of health in the U.S. changes that have occurred in the American Diet, and all the benefits of adding more plant-based meals to the diet. Plus, practical ideas and easy, quick, doable tips for everyone for incorporating more plant-based foods and their phytonutrients and antioxidants w improve health and lower risk of chronic disease.

  • What is Lifestyle Medicine? A definition of Lifestyle Medicine and its core premise of educating, equipping and empowering people to use lifestyle habits to prevent, treat and often reverse chronic disease with only positive side effects, and relying less on medications, surgeries and devices thus reducing demand for health care. Why this is good for employees, employers and the nation, and why it's the answer to our healthcare crisis. Includes an introduction of the foremost doctors in the country and supportive doctors in Omaha.

  • The Power of Food for T2 Diabetes Prevention and Treatment.  A discussion of T2 diabetes as a major public health problem of epidemic proportions and how it is possible to reverse T2 diabetes through plant-based nutrition.

  • The Power of Food for Cancer Prevention and Survival.  I discuss the ineffectiveness of the 40-yr the war on cancer, why people aren't aware of the connection between diet and cancer, and evidence-based information on how certain foods and nutrients work to promote or discourage cancer growth. Caveats provided for individuals currently going through cancer treatment.

  • Healthy Dining in Omaha. I review my extensive compiled list of restaurants for eating healthy in Omaha. 

  • Nutrient Density; Making Your Calories Count.  I explain the concept of nutrient density to get the most health-promoting nutrients in delicious foods while managing weight and lowering risk for disease.

  • The Importance of Fiber and How to Get More. Nearly all Americans are deficient in fiber with associated health issues. I discuss the valuable function of fiber to fight disease and how to easily increase fiber intake.  

  • The Environmental Impact of the Standard American Diet.  I reveal the damaging impact of animal agriculture on the environment, why it is unsustainable, and the change we can make by the decisions of what goes on our plate. 

  • Food as Medicine. I cover some of the foods that have amazing, medicinal properties and have been studied as therapeutic treatments.

  • Nutritional Label-reading For Health 101. I emphasize the value of label-reading on food packages with tips for understanding the various categories (and also the importance of eating more whole, unprocessed foods with no labels.

  • Tips for Keeping Produce Fresh. I discuss and demonstrate practical tips for keeping produce fresher, longer to avoid waste.

  • Healthy Food Prep Tips. Lots of ideas for prepping food to help nutritious meals come together more quickly at home.

  • The Challenges of Dietary Lifestyle Change: New Meals, Travel, Social Situations. How to handle the journey to a better diet when it seems like no one else is.

  • How to Transition to a Life-Saving, Whole Foods Plant Based Diet. A primer for moving away from a health-harming diet, to a health-promoting one.

  • Plant-Based Athletes. What is up with the trend of professional and college athletes going to a whole foods, plant-based diet? Prepare to be astonished at who they are and what they have to say. 

  • How to Help Kids Eat More Plants! Strategies for incorporating plant-based nutrition for your kids daily. Includes ideas for kid-friendly snacks.

  • Plant-Based on a Budget. Tips and strategies for affordable, healthy eating.

Past Events


Health Fairs & Events 

    Omaha Health Expo 2018

    InterPublic Group annual health fair 

    Nebraska Humane Society annual health fair

    Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Natural Living Health Fair  

    Bancroft Market Health Fair


Lunch & Learns 

    Mutual of Omaha

    First National Bank of Omaha 

    American National Bank   

    D3 Banking

    InterPublic Group 

    CQuence Health Group Omaha

    Creighton University 

    Nebraska Humane Society 

    Oriental Trading Company  

    Sarpy County Offices 

Miscellaneous Events 

    UNMC Medical School Lifestyle Medicine Lecture Series   

    Methodist Health Systems Better Living Program

    Brookstone Meadows Senior Living 

    Aksarben Senior Living

    Creighton Highlander 

    Fresh Thyme Farmers Market- Meet the Expert

    Natural Grocers

    Edison Elementary School

    Various P.E.O. groups 

    Crohns & Colitis Foundation annual meeting








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