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What People Are Saying

 I’ve struggled with weight my entire adult life & at 71 years of age, with a myriad of health issues. I had concluded I would never be able to find, much-less maintain a healthy body weight. (Haven’t been in the “Normal” weight range for my height for 20+ years or so.)  In late December, I was diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. There is no medicine to take; the only real way to improve affects of this disease is a loss of 10% of body weight & moving to a plant-based diet. So, when faced with the very real probability of a sooner-rather-than-later, not to mention agonizing death I began my quest to change my outcome.  In February, Melissa & I began our journey. At that time, I weighed 185lbs. We worked through many issues together; fear of failure, inability to cook without using prepackaged food, a very dominating sweet tooth & dislike of veggies to name a few. She gave me many, many recipes to try & worked with me to find the kinds of healthy foods/recipes I liked. She assured me I could do this & has continued to walk with me on this road.


As of November 22nd, 2020, I’ve lost 27 lbs & am within 9 lbs of the top of “Normal” weight for my height. I never thought I’d see that weight, again! My liver enzymes are in the “normal” range & I am so very grateful to Melissa for her wealth of information, kindness, guidance & belief in my ability to do this, when I had no confidence at all.  Thank you,’ve changed my life & the outcome of this Liver Disease!! --Linda D.

I hope you are doing well these days.  I want to share my story with you regarding your cooking class and my health. Your class really opened up my eyes as to how to prepare healthy meals.  My new way of living with no dairy, no meat and more greens is paying off.  During our cooking class with you, I had an annual physical on February 11, 2020.  Here is my lipid panel detail:

                                                                             February 11, 2020                     July 16,2020   Yay!        Standard Range 

Cholesterol                                                          243 mg/dL                                    181 mg/dL                    <200 mg/dL

Triglycerides                                                       185 mg/dL                                      60 mg/dL                    <150 mg/dL 

HDL Cholesterol                                                    52 mg/dL                                     58 mg/dL                     > 39 mg/dL

LDL Cholesterol                                                  154 mg/dL                                    111 mg/dL                    <130 mg/dL

VLDL Cholesterol                                                 37 mg/dL                                      12 mg/dL

Chol/HDL Ratio                                                          4.7                                                 3.1

 I have also maintained an exercise program at home by using the  elliptical and now the rowing machine.  The rowing machine has really helped me lose weight.  I have lost 14 lbs since February. To say the least, I am thrilled with my progress.  I owe your class to some of my success. I just thought you should know. --John T. 

My doctor is impressed with my progress. My original A1C was 9.7.  After changing my diet to primarily plant-based, at my last check-up it was 5.9. He decided to cut my diabetes medication in half and was talking about how he may need to cut more...  I’m all for that!!  I do avoid most meats and very limited (if any) fish or white meat.  The part I enjoy is generally feeling better with more energy.  I have included regular daily exercise, so believe that has helped also.--Mike L.

I am so fortunate that Melissa has mentored me for over 5 years on plant-based eating. She continues to inspire me with her passion and discipline on living a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend taking the class Melissa is teaching and plugging into her knowledge base and endless positive energy!

--Linda D.

Melissa Sherlock brings passion, energy and a wealth of knowledge in her teaching of the health benefits of a plant based  diet.  After completion of her class, I felt well-eqipped with resources, how to's  and recipes to start my transition toward a more plant-based diet for myself and my family.  Melissa demonstrates hands-on how simple it truly is to prepare meals as well as to explore the vast flavors provided by natures resources.  I would highly recommend Melissa Sherlock's class to all ages!

--Janna D. 

(After going full plant-based, avoiding oils, and eating steel cut oats everyday), my total cholesterol went from 309 to 197 in six weeks! My LDL went from 200 to 100 and my triglycerides were cut in half and are normal. I'm staying with it--the numbers don't lie! I'm now loving the steel cut oats every morning.

--Sue P. 


I have to share this with you....... I have had high cholesterol ever since the doctors started checking it back in 2011. The first time it was tested it was 279, so mine was really high, especially for me only being in the 20's at the time. January 1, 2018 was the day I went plant-based. I was so diligent. I didn't consume a single animal product for nine months. In September 2018 my levels were checked again and only dropped by 7 points! In addition to my plant-based lifestyle, I began eating oat bran with flaxseed every day for breakfast. I got my test results back and cried again....this time happy tears. My total cholesterol went from 240 to 176; LDL went from 142 to 57! This is huge for me! Did I mention that genetics are not in my favor? High cholesterol runs in my family which is an excuse lots of people use to avoid putting in the hard work to lower cholesterol naturally. It can be done! I am living proof!

--Jenny G.  

I recently took Melissa Sherlock's Food For Life Nutrition Course and learned so much!  She made plant-based cooking easy, and the food, WOW!!!!  Comfort foods, desserts.....You can have all the foods adapted that you love!  I have maintained a plant-based diet for 3 months and am loving how I feel!  I have more energy, my head is clearer and I do not feel deprived.  My sugar cravings are gone.  I highly recommend Melissa's class.  She can show you how to be healthier and more importantly how to eat for health vs eating for comfort. --MariAnne H. 

Melissa is chock-full of nutrition knowledge and her dishes are yummy. Whether you want to start eating healthy, want knowledge of certain foods that help from acne to cancer, or just want some new recipes to try, attend this class! You won't regret it.

--Kim W. 


I continue to think of you and many of the things you taught me.  I am still using some of your recipes, and have found a number of new ones that I am making.  Last night I made an orzo with chickpeas and broccoli (and I added cauliflower also).  We have had the nice cream multiple times.  I think of you when I massage kale, which is a few times a week, as we almost always add it to a lettuce salad.  I learned a lot from you that I have included in my cooking of a whole food, plant based diet.  I decided to not eat fish at the time of your class and have continued to do so (I was only having it about twice a month, but I have stopped completely).  I substitute vegetable broth for oil in a pan on the stove (to cook onions and garlic for a meal, for example).  I am substituting apple sauce for an egg in the pancake recipe we use (we make our own pancake mix) and it works well.  I learned so many “little things” that have really benefited me (and my wife, who eats the cooking, and my mother, as well, whom we moved in with us at the beginning of the pandemic).    I hope I can learn more from you soon…  Bob K. 

My daughter totally loves this (Food for Life: Kids' Health) class, and I do too. We look forward to it every Wednesday. I'm learning so much, as Melissa shares her knowledge about healthy habits throughout the class - everything from which type of oat is the healthiest, to reading labels. I love the recipes she selects for the kids. They are ones the kids can do on their own, and ones we can easily implement in our daily lives. Our family eating habits, snack choices and meal choices are healthier, thanks to Melissa. I've also realized the benefit of having this class on Zoom p- when the kids are in their own kitchen, using their own utensils. To me, this makes it much easier for the kids to make the recipes a second time and more, because they know just what to use, and how to do it, in their own space." --Heather

If you’ve been considering eating more healthful food but haven’t quite known how to go about it, this is the class for you! I’d started down this path after happening upon a book about plant-based eating and then watching a couple documentaries, one of which had been recommended by Melissa (“Forks over Knives”) on her Facebook page. I’d already started changing my diet but not knowing easy ways to put healthful meals together and what to have on hand makes it difficult to stay the course. When I received the message from Sherlock TruHealth that a class was coming up, I signed up immediately, as I knew it would be my lifeline. I wasn’t disappointed. In 5 very enjoyable lessons around Melissa’s kitchen table, we got to see first-hand how she throws her meals together, and better yet, we got to taste them all. Without exception, everything I tried was delicious, and opened up my world to how fabulous this way of eating can be. And I’m thrilled to know how to “throw things together” to make easy meals now, too! There is no hard sell here, so if you aren’t ready to go completely plant-based, but want to learn more about meals you can make to improve the health of you and your loved ones, don’t hesitate. We were all sad to have the last class end, and I don’t think I’ve ever taken a class I enjoyed so much.   -Janet S. 

My doctor said my cholesterol numbers were way out of control and she wanted to put me on medicine. I told her that I wanted to see if I could correct it myself first.  In October 2017 she gave me only 3 months to do so. I was very careful about eating a whole foods plant based diet during those three months. By January 2018 my total cholesterol dropped from 257 to 174, and LDL (bad cholesterol) went from 160 to 98! On Memorial Day weekend 2018, my husband and I re-commitment to this lifestyle after attending one of Melissa's classes, and have attended her workshop and another class since then. I will be retested in October and hopefully my levels will be even better then. Thank you again.  Eric and I have a new outlook on life.
 I am sure that we will be in an upcoming class. When we left last night Eric said enthusiastically, “When’s the next class?”.  He looked crushed when I told him that we are not signed up yet for anything.--Rebecca P. 

On January 1, 2019, I weighed 171.0 and today (Jan. 29) I weigh 156.3 for a total loss of 14.7 lbs. I eat all plant-based and am not using oils at all. I would have never believed this was possible until it happened to me. Thank YOU, Melissa, for all of your guidance and support. It is a true honor and blessing to be able to participate. I like the people, the food, and YOU are the best, and possess a wonderful gift that you are sharing with the world, and for that I admire you very much!  --Bobbie C. 

I personally have tried several times to begin to eat plant-based but then I would just give up because I had a hard time getting started with cooking plant-based. I really didn’t know how to begin.  Melissa’s hands-on cooking workshop has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to not only get started but feel confident in making some really tasty dishes.  Her workshop was very informative and well worth the time and money spent.  --Andrea W.  

Melissa is an awesome instructor of healthy eating. She not only gives good tips but demonstrates how to cook the healthy foods.

--Kathy C. 

Melissa’s cooking class provided me with a great jumping off point to transition to a plant based diet.  She not only provided valuable nutrition information and resources but also practical cooking advice and easy recipes  that made it easier to change my cooking habits.

--Joan S.

There was no part of your talk that I didn't enjoy. You sparked my interest when you mentioned the same books that I had read.  One of the reasons I have an interest in eating well was that after I had my by- pass surgery, I met a fellow in rehab who had  his second by-pass surgery.  That was a wake up call for me.  –Donovan D.

Thank you for all the good information and inspiring testimony you shared. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and went home bubbling over with interesting things to share with my wife. I liked what you said last night about the two kinds of health-seekers--those who can switch overnight, and those who need time. My big takeaway was to add fruit to every meal and to eat a green salad every day. …I think I can take baby steps and reduce the junk and up the plant-based whole foods in the meantime and after. You are a very engaging speaker, and your passion for what you are teaching shone through brightly. You also made something potentially intimidating sound appealing and eminently doable. I left feeling motivated and inspired to take those first steps on the journey. Thank you again for coming and sharing your knowledge and your contagious enthusiasm! –Gary P. 

Since starting your class the first of Oct I have lost 8 lbs. and inflammation has disappeared. He (my doctor) was very pleased with the changes and progress and is very interested in seeing where this will take me moving forward. Thanks for doing what you do! Taking your class was one of the best things I could have done for myself and I have benefited in many ways.  The key is education and awareness of how we can help ourselves to a more healthy lifestyle. –Karen B. 

Melissa, I'm so excited I had to call you! I just left my doctor's office for my yearly checkup. My blood was pressure is down and my cholesterol is improving! I know it's only been 1-1/2 or two months maybe, that I've been eating healthier and it's showing. She wants to see me again in 6 months to see how they've improved, so I'm really excited to see what my numbers are in six months and hopefully I can get off my meds. I owe it all to you, thank the Lord that I was able finally to take your class, and it's changing my life, and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and what you're doing! --Sue B.

Hey veggie lovers, I just wanted to share with you my numbers from my health screening at work that I took today.  Whole foods plant based diet works!!!!

                                             2017       2018       Healthy Range

Total Cholesterol               218         153         Below 200

HDL                                        85           61         60 and above 

Triglycerides                      121           87         below 150

LDL                                      109           75           below 100

My cardiac risk ratio also went lower. I only share this with you because I was stunned by how much my numbers improved in such a short time and I have not been PERFECT with my food, but have made great improvements.  This is super motivating to me and I hope it is to you too. I have always tried to eat healthy, but really it has only been since your class that I have cut out all animals products, eggs, cheese, dairy etc.  I have not been perfect, but I would say about 80% of food has been whole food, plant based.  This was perfect timing to take my health screening, it really motivates me to continue!!! --Kim L. 

We learned a lot and had a great time last night.  As soon as we left we bought all of the ingredients for the southwest salad.  We are going out of town tonight. On the way out of town, we were going planning on getting big meat & cheese filled subs. Now we have a big beautiful salad to take instead.  Thank you for helping us make that decision. --Rebecca P.

I was lucky enough to meet Melissa a couple years ago at an employee wellness Lunch and Learn. I have dabbled in plant-based eating but never really thought it could change a person's health dramatically. I attended Melissa's kickstart one-day workshop yesterday. For anyone thinking about trying plant-based eating, this workshop is so helpful! Not to mention fun! We ate a gourmet plant-based lunch. I can honestly say I stuffed myself with nutrient-dense food that was delicious!! I loved everything on my plate! It was beautiful-looking too! I have terrible eating habits because I am constantly snacking on crud and my health has taken a hit. My arthritis is painful. Inflammation is a killer! I normally am hungry at night and all sense goes out the window. I wake up with a food hangover and it ruins my entire day. i am sluggish, crabby and in joint pain. Yesterday (at the workshop), I had steel cut oats and fruit for breakfast, and a gourmet lunch. Last night al I craved for dinner was the "tuna" salad we made with chickpeas and some fruit. I never had a singe craving to snack all evening! I slept like a baby (sleep has been an issue too)! My hubby said he is on board to implementing plant-based eating into our life. I have gained 60 pounds since menopause and my self-esteem is in the toilet. I have hope that I can feel dramatically better after this one-day workshop. I am signing up for her weekly workshops so I can connect with other plant-based people and have moral support.  $89 for an all-day workshop with gourmet food? Heck yes! I can't wait to feel better and see results that will be lifelong. Thanks, Melissa for making the idea of plant-based menus less scary! I am so excited to try new foods and really enjoy eating. But more excited to see the health change I have desperately needed for years!  --Jane S. 

Hi Melissa, I wanted to say your class really made an impact on me. Your recipes were yummy and practical which makes cooking easier.  So far I am very motivated to follow this and I owe that to you. I can’t wait to take another class of yours....  I am currently out shopping with that list you made us. That list really simplified shopping and was such a great idea.  Without that list I know I would have probably ditched the whole attempt at shopping. Lastly, you made it practical. Your class helped me see that this is very achievable and necessary. Thanks to my sis I found your class....So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think the changing moment for me Saturday was the Big Mac comparison to amount of healthy foods you could consume instead . That blew my mind.  Thanks again. --Jeanette C.

This class is truly the piece of the puzzle I was missing. I have been doing a really great job at eating plant based.  Not perfect yet, but are any of us ever?   I have started losing weight and am super excited!  More importantly, I no longer have chronic stomach pain.  I have even gotten my Father (maybe Mother) on board!!  They have noticed such a great change in me, and my dedication to keep trying. Thank you so much for all your hard work and passion.  You need to know that good came out of your personal sacrifice of losing both of your parents way too soon. --Julie J. 

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